Who are we? My courier from France is the cheapest parcel delivery platform on the market. 


Mon Courrier de France, international parcel shipping

Who are we?

My Courrier de France is the dream solution for expatriates For their parcel shipments and postal covers to international. In an increasingly connected world, it was necessary to provide a solution of quality transportation and to lower price for international shipments.

Because we have all been confronted with postal services that damage our parcels, lengthen delivery times or risky customs clearance, we wanted to make the quality of service of the world's largest carriers. Whether you are a particular or one professional, never has sending parcels and mail internationally been so simple and affordable only with My Mail from France.

Created in 2015 by two French expatriates, Mon Courrier de France has always been at your side to facilitate your logistical needs. Because the need to connect France and the world is essential in the world after, Mon Courrier de France is your clever partner for meet all your needs.

How to pack your cheap package?

Ship smart, ship with Mon Courrier de France.

Who are we

Drawing on our international experience in the field of trade and some logistics, our teams share with you our expertise so that your shipments are made within the best conditions and the as fast as we can.

Whether for thesending a package for the family around the world, satisfy a customer order, organize a moving house last minute or urgently send administrative documents, our teams are there to support you.

Our vision, human contact

Based in Paris, our service is available 7/7 to answer your questions for your shipments. Our goal is to be available for accompany you in the organization of your shipments. Because we favor human contact, you will never talk with a bot. Whether by WhatsApp (+33 1 85 85 14 39), by phone or by email, Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Who are we

Who are we?

General conditions of use

Never has the need to connect France to the rest of the world been so important. With the explosion of e-commerce, many SMEs have customers on all continents. With the continued growth of expatriation, we go to work or study in all the countries of the world. Yet we all needsend parcels and documents to our families or our clients. Whether for samples for customers, to honor orders, send some package to relatives, send administrative documents or a Bank card or organize a move, Mon Courrier de France will suggest the solution adapted to your needs. Our mission is to reduce the distances between senders and receivers. Never has the world been so close to parcels.

Opting for Mon Courrier de France means choosing quality, follow-up, human contact and speed at the best prices. Ship smart, ship with Mon Courrier de France.