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Do you want to send a package to the Emirates? or Fulfill a customer's order in Abu Dhabi ? Mon Courrier de France allows you to send your small parcels and bulky parcels at the best price to Emirates, Dubai and Abu Dhabi at the best prices on the market. Here are our practical tips for sending a package to the Emirates.

Send a parcel to the Emirates
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Do I have to pay customs duties for a shipment to the United Arab Emirates?

Any shipment to the UAE will be considered as an import of goods by the country's customs. For this purpose, it will always be necessary to provide a detailed inventory of the goods you wish to ship with the shipping documents - see how to fill in your declaration of contents.. You will fill in this inventory when you place your order with Mon Courrier de France. This document will serve as a basis for determining the customs charges to be paid.


The amount of the charges will be determined on the value that is called CIF. The CIF is the sum of: the value declared on the inventory, the carriage costs and any insurance you may have taken out. Based on this amount, Emirati customs will apply a flat 5% customs fee that you will have to pay to proceed with delivery - see Emirati customs page on this subject.

Who is in charge of clearing customs in the UAE?

The transporter you have chosen for the delivery of your parcel is the intermediary between the recipient and the country's customs. This means that the carrier will take care of all the procedures for you. In the event that additional information is required, you will be notified by email to provide such information/documents. In order to pay for any potential customs charges, a payment link will be provided for you to pay the customs charges online.

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What are the prohibited goods in the UAE?

It will always be important to know before you ship whether the goods you are exporting to the UAE comply with Emirati law. There are a number of prohibited goods, including


  • Illegal drugs
  • Counterfeit goods
  • Objects related to black magic or witchcraft
  • Books and publications that contravene the teachings of Islam and its values
  • Objects used for betting and gambling


You can find a comprehensive list of prohibited goods and goods subject to special regulations in Dubai - see Prohibited and regulated goods..


In addition, the transporters also have a list of goods that are prohibited from being shipped, mainly for security reasons. We have prepared a practical sheet that informs you about the main goods that you will not be able to send with our partner carriers - See practical sheet Prohibited goods and contents for the transporter.

Mon Courrier de France is the ideal solution for shipping your parcels and documents at the best price. Take advantage of the best possible service now. We are here for you!

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