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Mon Courrier de France allows you to send a parcel to Taiwan at the best price. Thanks to our partnerships with the largest carriers, you will benefit from exceptional discounts for sending small parcels as well as bulky parcels to international destinations.


To send a parcel between France and Taiwan, the delivery time is between 48h and 72h and you will be able to track your parcel in real time using our tracking tool. Whether it's via a home collection or a deposit of your parcel in the thousands of offices of our partners, we offer a flexible service adapted to your needs.

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Do I have to pay customs duties for a shipment to Taiwan?

As with any import of goods, your package will have to go through customs when importing your goods into Taiwan. For certain shipments, such as when changing residence, you may benefit from an exemption from customs fees (see our practical information sheet:Moving to Taiwan). In other situations, customs fees will be applied even if you are sending personal effects or gifts for your loved ones.

When calculating customs charges, the values that will be taken into account are: the cost of delivery, the cost of insurance and the value declared on the customs invoice. If the value is less than 2,000 New Taiwanese Dollars (NTD), you may be exempt from paying customs duties. Above this amount, customs fees may be charged (Practical link: Taiwanese customs)

Who is in charge of clearing customs in Taiwan?

To send a parcel to Taiwan, carriers will be your intermediaries to proceed with the customs clearance of your goods. However since 2002, the Taiwanese customs have set up a system of authentication of the recipient of the parcel under the law called RNA (Real Name Authentication).

In case you have a fee to pay, you will therefore need to authenticate yourself via the Taiwan Customs EZway application to finalise your shipment. The carrier will notify you by SMS or email to authenticate yourself through the EZway application and enter the waybill number in this application (see DHL's practice sheet here)

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What are the prohibited goods in Taiwan?

As with all countries, there are regulations regarding the import of certain goods. For example, there are :

  1. Illegal drugs
  2. Firearms and ammunition
  3. Counterfeit goods
  4. Antiques
  5. Banknotes

You can find the list of prohibited goods on the Taiwanese customs website - Prohibited Items.

Beyond the goods prohibited by Taiwan customs, carriers also have restrictions in international shipments. Find all this information on our fact sheet : Prohibited Goods and Content. Sending a package to Taiwan has never been easier. 

Mon Courrier de France is the ideal solution for shipping your parcels and documents at the best price. Take advantage of the best possible service now. We are here for you!