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Do I have to pay customs duties for a shipment to South Africa?

South African customs rely on your declaration of contents to set the customs duties to be paid – see practical sheet: Content declaration: how to do it? If the value of the goods you wish to export to South Africa is less than ZAR500 (roughly €29.60, you will be able to benefit from an exemption from customs duties. If the value is equal to or greater than ZAR500, the amount of taxes and customs duties will be 15% of declared value goods – see page Duties and Taxes South African Customs.

Who is in charge of customs procedures in South Africa?

The carrier who will transport your parcels will be your intermediary for the customs clearance of your parcel. If additional information and documents are required by the customs services in South Africa, the carrier will send an email to the recipient so that he can provide the documents in question – see our practical sheet: How to organize your shipment? In the event of payment of customs duties, the carrier will send you a payment link by email to proceed with the payment of the duties in question.

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What goods are prohibited in South Africa?

There are goods prohibited for importation into South Africa as stated by national law. The customs services have set up a list of prohibited goods on their site – List of prohibited goods. It will be important to check beforehand whether your content complies with local legislation. For goods subject to special regulations, the documents required to proceed with the import must be prepared in advance.

In addition, carriers impose restrictions on the goods you can ship through their services. You can find more information on our fact sheet – Prohibited Goods and Content.

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