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Do I have to pay customs duties for a shipment to Singapore?

When shipping a parcel from France to Singapore, your parcels will have to go through the customs services of the importing country. For customs clearance, you will need to provide a declaration of contents when placing your order. The declaration of contents is a detailed inventory of the goods you are going to ship (see practical information sheet: How to fill in the declaration of contents).


Your parcel shipment may be subject to customs fees and taxes when it arrives in Singapore. Singapore Customs calculates the charges payable on the cost of insurance, the cost of shipping and the declared value of your contents description. If the value is less than S$400 then you will be exempted from the customs fee. In case the total value of the shipment is more than 400 Singapore Dollars then customs charges will be applied. In Singapore, the import tax is 7% on the total value of the shipment (see Singapore Customs Fees)

Who is in charge of clearing customs in Singapore?

The transporters are the intermediaries between the recipient of the parcel and the customs services. In the event that customs charges are applied, the recipient will receive a payment link by email to settle the charges and continue the delivery of your package.

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What are the prohibited goods in Singapore?

There are restrictions on the goods you wish to ship to Singapore. These restrictions include:

  1. Chewing-gum
  2. Firearms and ammunition
  3. Endangered animal species
  4. Telecommunications equipment here)
  5. Tobacco and any other derived products

You can find a full list of products banned and/or regulated by Singapore Customs on their Banned and Regulated Products page..

In addition, it should be noted that transporters themselves have restrictions on the goods you wish to ship. You can consult our handy factsheet - Prohibited Goods and Contents - for information on restrictions on prohibited goods. You should check the contents before sending a package to Singapore.

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