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Sending a package to New Zealand, an important document, a suitcase or moving to New Zealand has never been easier, Mon Courrier de France will offer you a adapted and economical solution for all your needs.

For shipments between France and New Zealand, delivery times vary between 7 and 8 days. Know that during the transit of your package, you will be able to know where it is located thanks to your tracking number which gives you access to real time tracking.

Whether through a home collection or in a deposit in one of the many agencies of partner carriers around the world, don't hesitate any longer. Choose the quality and reliability of Mon Courrier de France for your future shipmentsenvo

Send a package to New Zealand

Mon Courrier de France is the guarantee of reliability, quality and professionalism for your shipments of parcels and documents from and to New Zealand.

Do I have to pay customs duties to receive a parcel in New Zealand?

Do I have to pay customs duties?

As with any import of goods, the goods you wish to send to New Zealand will have to pass through the customs box. Whether for a personal shipment or an online order, local customs will estimate your duties to pay to proceed with the delivery of your package.

Customs duties will be estimated according to several criteria such as:

  • The nature of the object
  • Its declared value
  • The nature of the expedition.

In theory, for a shipment with a value of less than 1000 $NZ and which are personal effects not for resale, you should be exempt from paying duty (see NZ Customs practice page – Customs duties).

If you have any doubts about potential customs duties to pay, New Zealand Customs will provide you with a customs duties estimator which will give you an idea of the potential amount.

As part of a move, you can benefit from exemption for items falling into the "household items" category (For more information see the New Zealand customs sheet on moving).

What are the steps for the customs clearance of your package in Taiwan?

The carrier you have selected for your shipment via our freight cost calculator – here – will be your intermediary for the customs clearance of your package. In the event that customs duties are payable, the recipient will receive an email with a payment link to be able to pay the amount in question.


It is also possible that customs will require additional documents to proceed with customs clearance. The carrier will contact you by email to ask you to provide the appropriate documents.

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What are the prohibited contents and goods?

How to pack your cheap package?

You can find the list of goods prohibited for import on the New Zealand Customs website – Prohibited Items.


Beyond the goods prohibited by local customs, carriers also have air transport restrictions. Find all this information on our practical sheet: Prohibited Goods and Content.