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Whatever the content of your shipment from France to Mexico, whether it is a small parcel or a large one, you will have to comply with Mexican customs regulations to ensure that your shipment clears customs without a hitch.

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The conditions to respect to send a package to Mexico

Sending packages to Mexico requires you to comply with customs import regulations. Also the carriers impose certain restrictions on the products and although you will be able to ship – see Prohibited Goods and Content. Regarding packaging, find our practical sheet – How to pack your package. Do not hesitate to contact us through our form for more information. 

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Do I have to pay customs duties for a shipment to Mexico?

Before you start organising your shipment to Mexico with Mon courrier de France, you will need to make an inventory of the contents of your parcel and fill in the pre-tax value of each item in your shipment. Here is a short guide to filling out your inventory, better known as a customs invoice. (see our practical sheet - How to fill the declaration of contents?).


Regarding the declared value thresholds, several cases are possible:


-The value of my goods is less  than USD 50.

In this case, your shipment should be exempt from import duties and taxes by Mexican Customs. My shipment will be delivered directly to the recipient in Mexico.

-The value of my goods is between USD 50 and USD 1000

In this case, the Mexican customs will systematically apply a 16% tax on the declared value of the goods + shipping costs + insurance costs. The duties and taxes applied by the Mexican customs must be paid by the recipient of your shipment. The consignee has 10 days from the date of the customs invoice to make the payment. If the recipient does not comply with this deadline or decides to abandon the goods, the sender will have to cover the storage costs charged by Mexican customs, which can amount to 80 euros, as well as the payment of any duties and taxes.

-The value of my goods is more than USD 1000


For shipments with a value of more than USD 1,000, you will need to use a customs agent in Mexico to facilitate the clearance of your shipment. Mexican customs will apply the rate of duty applicable to the customs category of the goods being shipped.

-I am shipping textiles, shoes or furs


Please note! Shipments containing textiles, footwear or furs will be subject to a specific duty rate of 41% of the declared value + value of the shipment + insurance cost.Please note! Shipments containing textiles, footwear or furs will be subject to a specific duty rate of 41% of the declared value + value of the shipment + insurance cost.

How do I know if my package is being held at customs in Mexico?

In this type of situation, please note that you can track the status of your shipment at any time in real time by entering your shipment number in our real time tracking module - see our tracking tool. When shipping to Mexico, you will be able to track the shipment in real time.

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How long does it take for a package to clear customs in Mexico?

The length of time it takes to clear a parcel through Mexican customs during a detention varies. This will depend on the time it takes for the customs officer to resolve the incident As a general rule, a package detained in customs is released within 7 to 30 days

What is the telephone number for customs in Mexico?

If a package is being held, there are several ways to request additional information from Mexican Customs.

By electronic email : facilitacion@sat.gob.mx, or by phone 01 55 627 22 728. In addition, the Mexican customs portal offers an online chat.

For more information, see the official page on mexican customs regulation.


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