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Of choice of carrier adapted to your needs until the final delivery passing through the clearance of your goods, we support you at all stages of transport to ship your package to Japan. You will be able to track your package in real time using our tracking tool anytime.

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Do I have to pay customs duties for a shipment to Japan?

It will always be necessary to complete a declaration of contents, which is a detailed inventory of the goods in your package - see factsheet: How to fill your declaration of contents? This document will be used as a basis for Japanese customs to determine whether you will have to pay customs duties.


For personal shipments, you may be eligible for duty-free treatment if the declared value is less than 10,000 Yen. If the value is more than 10,000 Yen, you will be contacted to pay the relevant duty - for more information see the Japanese Customs Duty page.

Who is in charge of clearing customs in Japan?

The transporter you select will always be your intermediary with the Japanese customs authorities. If additional information is required, the recipient will be contacted by email to provide it - see practical information sheet: how to prepare your shipment?


Regarding the payment of the customs fees, you will receive an email with a payment link in order to continue the delivery. Please note that customs fees are never included in the shipping costs, it is up to the customs authority to define the amount of duties to be paid, if any.

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What are the prohibited goods in Japan?

As in all countries in the world, there are goods that are prohibited from being imported into Japan. It will be necessary to ensure before your shipment that the goods are not prohibited or regulated in Japan - see the Japanese customs website: Prohibited goods and contents..

In addition, transporters impose restrictions on the transport of goods by air. You can find a practical sheet on the restrictions imposed by carriers here. You should check the conformity of your contents before sending a package to Japan.

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