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Do I have to pay customs duties for a shipment to Indonesia?

All shipments to Indonesia will be subject to customs duties for import into Indonesia. Indonesian customs will base the value of the customs duties on the declaration of value that you will have filled in when ordering on our site - see practical information sheet: How to fill in your declaration of contents?


The amount of customs duty will be determined on the CIF value. The CIF is the sum of the freight charges, the value of the goods and the amount of insurance paid. The customs fees and taxes are 7% for duties and 10% for Value Added Tax.

Who is in charge of clearing customs in Indonesia?

The transporter in charge of your shipment will be your intermediary with the Indonesian customs authorities. If additional documents are required for customs clearance, the recipient will be contacted to provide this information. Payment of customs fees and duties is done by online payment, the recipient will receive an email with a link for online payment.

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What goods are prohibited in Indonesia?

There are some goods that will not be allowed to be imported into Indonesia. It will always be necessary to check the legality of exporting to Indonesia of the contents of your package before shipping. Prohibited goods include:

  • Illegal drugs and psychotropic substances
  • Chinese medicine products.
  • Goods related to pornography
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Fresh fruits


There are also a number of regulated products, so it will be important to submit the necessary documents and authorisations when you ship


In addition, it should be noted that carriers impose restrictions on the goods you can send through them. You can find this information in our practical sheet - Prohibited goods and content..

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