Send a cheap package to the United States

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Send a cheap package to the United States

 Do you want to send a cheap package to the United States? With 21,000 billion dollars of GDP, 330 million inhabitants, the United States therefore remains world's largest economy which counts nearly 180,000 French, which makes it one of hotspots of the French community expatriate around the world.

Mon Courrier de France allows you to send your parcels, suitcases and trunks at the best price to the USA. We strive to have the best prices on the market. When you order on our website, you will benefit from an exceptional personalized assistance by phone or by WhatsApp. a market offering huge opportunities because the made in France continues to make people dream across the Atlantic as we are reminded the immense success stories of many French compatriots in the land of Uncle Sam.

Mon Courrier de France is the safest option to send a cheap parcel to the United States and our best offer with UPS Express Saver, for a suitcase of 20 kilos the price is 133.36 €. 

Requirements for shipping a package to the United States

Sending parcels to the United States requires you to comply with customs regulations as the carriers impose certain restrictions on the products and although you will be able to ship – see Prohibited Goods and Content. Regarding packaging, find our practical sheet – How to pack your package. Do not hesitate to contact us through our form for more information. 

Send a cheap package to the United States

I want to send a package to the USA


Customs laws in the United States are among the most flexible in the world. Each year, nearly $140 billion in trade takes place between France and the United States.

How to send a cheap package to the United States?

My courier from France offers the best rates on the market for your shipping costs for your packages to the United States. We are able to offer you discounts reaching nearly 80% thanks to our rates negotiated with the largest global carriers. 

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How to pack your cheap package?

Do I have to pay customs duties when shipping to the USA?

You will need to complete a content declaration, also known as a customs invoice when arranging your shipment to the United States. This document lists the goods transported and indicates their customs values excluding tax. It is on this document that the American customs officers base themselves to apply or not customs duties and taxes. In order to guide you for your content declaration, we have created this tutorial – see our practical sheet Content declaration.

It has never been easier to send a parcel from France to the United States. From now on, if the value of the goods you are sending to the United States does not exceed 800 USD, no customs fees or taxes will be levied by the American customs.

Mon Courrier de France is the ideal solution for shipping your parcels and documents at the best price. Take advantage of the best possible service now. We are here for you!