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I want to send a cheap package to Canada

I want to send a cheap package to Canada! Whether it is a small package for a gift or a large package, you will need to make a content statement destined for Canadian customs.

Based on the information provided in this document, Canadian Customs will decide whether or not to apply customs duties for import of your goods.
Our best offer to send a parcel not to Canada is by UPS Express Saver for a parcel or suitcase of 20 kgs for 165.92 Euros.

Are there customs duties to pay?

Send a cheap package to Canada

Parcels whose value is less than or equal to 60 $ CAN are not taxed and if the value of the parcel is greater than 60 $ CAN, only the excess will be taxed. So what are you waiting for to send your cheap package to Canada? 

What can I send to Canada?

We recommend that you refer to the Automated Import Reference System (SARI) whose platform is available at this link: https://inspection.canada.ca/importation-d-aliments-de-vegetaux-ou-d-animaux/importations-de-vegetaux-et-de-produits-vegetaux/sari/fra/1300127512994/1300127627409

Attention ! Shipments of wine or alcohol between France and Canada are not authorized between individuals. Only traders with a license are authorized to import alcohol into Canadian territory.

Shipments containing meat, fish, tobacco or non-prescription drugs are systematically blocked by customs in Canada. In general, please refer to our non-exhaustive list of dangerous products refused by carriers (see our practical page – Prohibited goods and contents).

Shipments containing non-perishable food can be shipped to Canada. Whether it is cheese, tin cans or biscuits, their entry into Canada is authorized by customs within a limit of 20kg per package. Send your cheap package to Canada today

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