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You've decided to move to Taiwan. Whether you're moving to Taipei or elsewhere on the island, Mon courrier de France can help you get started with your expatriation. Thanks to our experience, we can guide you step by step through the organisation of your international move to Taiwan.

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What are the procedures for moving to Taiwan?

You should know that as an expatriate, you can under certain conditions benefit from an exemption from customs duties when your personal effects arrive in Taiwan.

You will need to provide several documents beforehand:

  • A copy of your passport 
  • A resident visa
  • Work contract
  • A letter authorising the clearance of your personal effects by an agent.
  • A detailed inventory of the goods

In order to benefit from the exemption for your unaccompanied personal effects, your move must take place within six months of the date of your expatriation to Taiwan.


Used household goods can be imported duty-free provided they are in non-commercial quantities.

When can I import my belongings into Taiwan?

Unaccompanied baggage must be imported prior to the passenger's entry or within 6 months of the date of entry. What is not imported within this period is considered normal cargo, and the provisions for duty-free personal effects no longer apply.


After your arrival in Taiwan, the passenger (or his or her agent) must apply for customs clearance within 15 days from the date of arrival of the unaccompanied baggage in Taiwan. The passenger (or his or her agent) must apply for customs clearance within this time limit, a delay penalty of NT$200 per day will be charged from the day after the deadline expires.


Please note that a storage fee is charged from the day the unaccompanied luggage is stored in the warehouse

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What are the prohibited goods?

In Taiwan, certain items cannot be imported into any customer's luggage. These items include, but are not limited to:


-Narcotics and other drugs

-Weapons: knives, bows, firearms, ammunition and explosives (toy weapons are also prohibited)

-Pornographic material

-Game tools

-Food, trees, plants, soil and vegetables

-Uncooked meat and poultry

-All items from the People's Republic of China (P.R.C.)


Some items may have limited quantities or require special permission or payment of duties and taxes to clear customs in Taiwan. These items include, but are not limited to


Tobacco products (requires an import permit)

-Gold coins and bars (requires import permit)

-Wine (subject to high duties and taxes)

-new items and appliances (they must be reduced or reconditioned to avoid duties)

-Electrical items (limit one of each type per family - televisions, personal computers, stereos, etc.)

-Fur, skin, ivory or endangered species (the owner must obtain permission from the country of origin before sending the item to Taiwan).


How much does it cost to move to Taiwan?

Mon Courrier de France specialises in international removals. We work with several carriers. We offer you negotiated prices that will allow you to move at the best price on the market. When you move, we will provide you with a tailor-made and more affordable offer.


To calculate the price, you will need to provide us with the weight of each box and the dimensions of your boxes, suitcases and canteens (see practical information sheet - Volumetric weight). We have special offers for removals to Taiwan. To obtain a personalised quote, you will need to send us the dimensions of your boxes and the weight of your packages by email or WhatsApp. We will provide you with a quote within 24 hours.



The delivery time of your personal effects is between 5 and 6 days, at any time you can track your shipment on our website via our tracking tool..

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