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You are moving to Mexico, que chingon! My courier from France can accompany you for your expatriation to the land of tacos as part of your move. Do you have several boxes to send to Cancun? Our teams are available to organize your shipment in the best conditions and above all at the best price on the market, whether for a move from France or a return from expatriation from Mexico.


Before moving to Mexico, you must obtain a visa that will allow you to import your personal effects without having to pay customs duties. With your visa in hand, you can obtain a moving certificate from the Mexican Embassy in France.


Please note that the removal certificate (menaje de casa) must be obtained within six months of the date of issue of the visa.

The customs procedure for moving to Mexico

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Requests for removal certificates must be submitted in four copies, each time including the original of the list of items.


The file must include the following documents:

  • original and photocopy of passport;
  • copy of temporary resident card Or permanent resident card Or visa
  • moving list, signed on all sheets; including the full family name;domicile in Mexico on one side and domicile in France on the otherFor electronic devices, the brand, serial number and model must be indicated
  • moving certificate fees are payable cash only
  • appointments are made directly on the site: https://mexitel.sre.gob.mx/citas.webportal

Temporary residents will also need to provide:

  • a sworn statement indicating their domicile in Mexico;
  • a sworn statement committing to leaving the country to take all their personal effects;
  • the person concerned undertakes to notify the Mexican authorities of any change of residence in Mexico.


Permanent residents are not required to provide the above certificates.


Withdrawal of the moving certificate will be done within two working days (from the date of acceptance of the file): no incomplete file will be admissible.

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Example of certificate: formato de carta promesa menaje de casa.pdf


Consular Section of the Embassy of Mexico

4, rue Notre-Dame des Victoires
75002 Paris

Metro: Bourse 

Such. : 01 42 86 56 20
Fax: 01 49 26 02 78 


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