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The time to move to Japan is approaching and you would like to know what the customs procedures are for your personal effects. Mon Courrier de France is the partner of expatriates for their removal by air at the best price. From the quotation to the final delivery, including the management of customs procedures for your import, Mon Courrier de France accompanies you at every stage of your shipment of personal effects.

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What are the procedures for moving to Japan?

If you are moving to Japan for a period of more than 12 months, you may be eligible for an exemption from import duties and taxes. However, you will need to provide proof of this to the Japanese customs authorities in order to benefit from this exemption:

  • A copy of your passport
  • A copy of your residence visa
  • Detailed inventory of goods to be imported.

In addition, the exemption of your personal effects is subject to several conditions:

  • That you acquired these goods more than 3 months ago
  • That you proceed with the importation of your personal belongings to Japan within 6 months of your arrival.
  • That goods are not imported in quantities that would imply commercial activity.
  • That you commit not to resell the imported goods within three months of importing the goods into Japan.

The customs declaration must be accompanied by a completed Japan Customs Form T 1280 (link - here).

Which goods can I import?

As is the case in every country in the world, there are goods in Japan which are prohibited for import or which are highly regulated and will therefore require specific customs clearance procedures. You can find a list of these goods by following this link here .

In addition, as with all shipments with Mon Courrier de France's partner transporters, there are restrictions on the goods you wish to export to Japan (for more information, follow the link Prohibited goods and contents).).

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How much does it cost to move to Japan?

As part of your expatriation to Japan, Mon Courrier de France offers you a more advantageous rate than if you were sending a simple parcel. We have degressive rates depending on the volume you wish to send. To obtain a personalised quote, you will need to send us the following information by email or WhatsApp: the dimensions of your boxes/cases/cantines and the weight of your parcels. We will provide you with a quote within the day.

In order to optimise the weight and dimensions of your boxes, we direct you to our practical sheet - the volumetric weight.

Once your shipment has been arranged, you can track your shipment in real time on our tracking platform or via the carrier's platform. The delivery time for your shipment to Japan is 5 to 6 days for a home delivery.

Mon Courrier de France is the ideal solution for shipping your parcels and documents at the best price. Take advantage of the best possible service now. We are here for you!