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Relocation to Hong-Kong at the best price

My decision is made and I chose to move to Hong Kong. My Mail from France will be there to accompany you in your expatriation in Hong-Kong from quotation to delivery in your new home.

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What are the procedures for moving to Hong-Kong?

You will be able benefit from an exemption from customs duties and taxes dyears as part of a move to Hong Kong and the import of your personal effects. However, please note that this exemption is applied conditionally and that it will be necessary justify your new residence in Hong Kong. Finally, be aware that the goods must have been in your possession for at least 3 months and that they are not resold in Hong-Kong within 6 months of your installation. The documents to be provided are as follows:


  • A copy of your passport
  • A copy of your residence visa
  • Detailed inventory of your items to be imported

How is customs clearance carried out?

The customs department of the chosen carrier will contact you if additional documents are requested.

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What goods are prohibited from being imported into Hong Kong?

You will find the list of prohibited goods by following the following link here

Carriers also have a list of goods prohibited from dispatch, of which you will find more information in our practical sheet – Prohibited Goods and Content.

How much does a move to Hong Kong cost?

Mon Courrier de France offers special offers for your move to Hong Kong. We offer the services of several carriers with whom we have worked for several years. To obtain a personalized quote, then you will need to contact us by email or WhatsApp : the dimensions of your boxes/suitcases/canteens as well as the weight of your parcels. We will provide you with a quote within the day.

In order to optimise the weight and dimensions of your boxes, we direct you to our practical sheet - the volumetric weight.

Once your shipment has been arranged, you can track your shipment in real time on tracking platform or via the transporter platform. The delivery time for your shipment to Hong Kong is 2 to 3 days for a home delivery.

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Mon Courrier de France is the ideal solution for shipping your parcels and documents at the best price. Take advantage of the best possible service now. We are here for you!