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The time has come for your international move or to return home after an expatriation. Whether you move to new York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, taiwan, dubai or whether you are returning home, Mon Courrier de France is there to organize the repatriation of your belongings personal express and cheap. Our teams are here for you to assist and provide you with all the valuable advice so that the organization of a return to France or your move abroad goes smoothly. 

Organizing an international move is often painful and time-consuming. Moreover, the transit times are often discouraging and the prices prohibitive. This is why Mon Courrier de France offers a service for move internationally At best price of the market.

Moving internationally
Send a cheap package to Canada

international expatriation: instructions

When you go to organize your dinternational move, you will be able to benefit from an offer custom made to ship your personal belongings. At Mon Courrier de France, we offer the best prices on the market for your move. Here is our instructions for taking advantage of our services:

  • If you have the dimensions of the boxes as well as their weight, it will be very easy for us to offer you a tailor-made quote. Indeed, our service offer will be adapted to your shipment. to the nearest kilo.
  • If you do not have the dimensions of your boxes and suitcases, you can give us a first estimate of your shipment so that we can send you a simulation tariffs.
  • Once the estimate has been validated, it will be a question of preparing documents required for customs clearance. For a return to France to take place with little or no customs fees, you will need to provide proof of normal residence in a country outside the EU for the last 12 months (more information here: If you move to France)
  • Once the documents are collected, we will organize collection of your personal belongings at your home. Depending on the offer chosen, couriers from the carriers will pick up your boxes and suitcases at time slot you have chosen
  • Your package is in the air, it will be delivered between 72h and 96h
  • A customs clearance agent may ask you for complementary parts (certificate of residence, etc.). You will need to provide these documents as soon as possible.
  • The delivery is very fast, however it sometimes happens that there is a small gap between the date of shipment of the packages and its own arrival at destination. Do not panic ! You can schedule the delivery date within 14 days from the start of your shipment free of charge!

We are fully aware that the removals international cause a important logistics and are generally very expensive. Today, the increase in maritime transport prices makes it possible to have an offer of more interesting air freight only by sea. Many of our customers have decided todrop shipping to arrange air transport for their move. Advantages are :

  • Express service (delivery between 48h and 96h depending on the destination
  • Facilitated customs clearance
  • Door-to-door service
  • Real-time tracking
  • More advantageous rates than for maritime transport
Moving back to France
How to pack your cheap package?

It should be noted that there are some restrictions on the goods you can ship by air. The first restriction concerns the nature of the goods, certain goods cannot be transported by air (this is the case for aerosols, flammable products, lithium batteries, etc.). For more details on prohibited goods and content, consult our practical sheet here. The second restriction is in terms of the dimensions of your boxes, we have a size limit, each dimension will have to be less than 180 centimeters. This leaves you with a good flexibility to ship your goods and personal effects.

Moving from France to the USA, Canada, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Indonesia and many other destinations at the best prices on the market.