Fill it well customs declaration of contents is essential for fast customs clearance. To facilitate customs clearance, it is important to provide complete and accurate information on all items in your shipment.

We give you some practical advice for completing your declaration of contents as expected by the customs services. This will allow you a fast and efficient delivery of your package.

Do I have to pay customs duties?

How to complete the customs declaration of contents?


Incorrect – Spare parts for computer, gifts, or sound equipment.

Correct – Graphic card model RTX3050 for laptop.


You send 15 wine samples to a customer in the United States that are of the same brand and have the same value. 

Item Description "Wine samples"

Quantity: 15, Unit value (in euros): 1, Weight : 0.5kg.

Reminder for customs declaration of contents

  • If you know the Customs Code of each item, you can enter it in the customs declaration of contents.
  • It is important that you do not ship items prohibited for transport or import. The sender must always check that the contents of his package conform to the shipment. See practical sheet: Prohibited Goods and Content.
  • Items prohibited for import vary by country. Check the laws carefully in force in the country of destination.


  • Customs need to know where each item was made, originally grown or produced. (Items may consist of parts and materials from various countries; please choose only where the article originated as a complete article).