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How to send a package internationally? Our answers to your questions. Whether it's the choice of packaging, customs clearance or delivery, we provide you with all the details you need.

To save on a parcel shipment from France or to France, simply fill out the quote request form on the site. My Mail from France

In order to obtain a personalised quote, you will need to know the exact dimensions of your parcel, the exact weight of the parcel as well as the city of origin and destination of your parcel. The service offered by Mon Courrier de France allows its customers to drop off their parcel at the branch of their choice or to have it collected at home.

With Mon Courrier de France, you benefit from up to 70% reduction on your international shipment. We offer very competitive prices on the market while keeping as a priority transportation quality of your parcels and the satisfaction of our customers. How to send a package internationally?

In order to ensure that your shipment runs smoothly, we would like to give you some tips on how to prepare your parcel:

1 - The quality of the packaging is essential! To ensure the safety of your goods, we advise you to use new packaging.

2 - Fill in the gaps! It is important that the goods inside the packaging are stabilised. In order to fill potential voids in your packaging, you can use suitable materials (polystyrene, bubble wrap, etc.).

3 - Do not overload your parcel! An overloaded box can break. Make sure the weight is evenly distributed throughout the package.

4 - Protect fragile items with care! Wrap the most fragile objects in suitable materials (bubble wrap)

5 - Seal your parcel well! Use wide, specially designed tape.

6 - Remove all non-shipping labels from the packaging! If you are recycling a carton for a new shipment, it is advisable to remove any references or labels relating to a previous shipment.

7 - Print all the documents you receive via email for your shipment! The documents required for shipment (shipping label, commercial invoice and waybill) must be printed out before shipment. You can hand them over to the delivery person when you pick up the goods. The delivery person will take care of placing the documents on your package.

For more information, please visit our page: How to pack your shipment?

The shipping costs are calculated according to three criteria: 1- The departure and destination cities; 2- The weight of the package; 3- The size of the package.

If the city of departure or destination is considered a remote area by the carrier, additional charges will be displayed on your online quote.

If the volumetric weight is greater than the actual weight, the pricing will be based on the volumetric weight (see article - volumetric weight)

For find out where your package is at any time, simply enter your tracking number on our website in the "Follow". You can also track the status of your package directly on the tracking platforms of the carrier in charge of delivering your package. How to send a package internationally?

If you wish to opt for insurance, an additional cost will be applied to your quote. The cost of insurance is at least 12 euro. If the value you want is greater than 1200 Euros, the cost of the insurance will then be 1% of the value to be insured. How to send a package internationally?

Customs duties are the responsibility of the customs authorities in the country of destination of your parcel - see our article on Customs Fees. The customs authorities will decide how much duty you need to pay for your parcel to enter the destination country. If you want to know the amount of duty to be paid, we advise you to contact the customs services of the countries concerned.

The carrier in charge of your shipment will be your intermediary for customs clearance of your shipment. If additional documents are requested, you will be contacted by email to provide additional information/documents. It is therefore very important to fill in the contact information correctly when ordering – see our sheet: For a smooth shipment. How to send a package internationally?

It is important that you find out the laws of the country you are sending your package to. Import rules differ from country to country and to avoid breaching import laws, it is extremely important to find out about the laws beforehand. It is therefore your responsibility to check the contents of the package you are sending and to ensure that the goods you are sending comply with the laws of the destination country.

It should be noted that, in general, transporters strictly prohibit the domestic or international shipment of certain goods and contents.

For more information see our article on prohibited goods and content .

You can pay for your order online via the Stripe payment platform.

If you are shipping a large volume of boxes, you can pay for your order by bank transfer, simply contact us by email or WhatsApp so that we can share with you our bank details.

If you have chosen not to insure your shipment!
In the event of loss or damage, you may be entitled to contractual compensation from the carrier (maximum $25/kg if delivered by air or $12/kg if delivered by road).


If you have chosen to insure your shipment!

• Reimbursement of 100% of the declared value
• Coverage in case of loss or damage
Simplified reimbursement procedure

How to send a package internationally