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Shipping a parcel to Hong Kong with Mon Courrier de France is the assurance of sending your small parcels as well as your bulky parcels at the best price with the best carriers worldwide. For your parcel deliveries to Hong Kong, Mon Courrier de France offers an economical service that allows you to receive your shipments with delivery times of 2 to 3 days. Benefit from reduced shipping costs and express delivery.

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Do I have to pay customs duties for a shipment to Hong-Kong?

When you send your parcel to Hong Kong, you will have to fill in a declaration of contents (see practical information sheet: How to fill in a declaration of contents?). This declaration is the detailed inventory that will be used to clear your package through Hong Kong customs.

As Hong Kong is a free port, you will not be subject to any customs fees for your shipments. However, it should be noted that some goods are subject to customs fees and taxes. You can find a list of regulated goods on the Hong Kong Customs website - List of regulated goods.. Among the goods that will be subject to customs fees are for example

  • Tobacco and tobacco products
  • Alcohol (taxes based on declared value and percentage of alcohol)
  • Hydrocarbon products

You can find a complete list of the products in question here - Hong Kong taxable products..

Goods banned for import into Hong Kong

Despite its free port status, there are a large number of products that are prohibited from being imported into Hong Kong. This means that you will not be able to ship these goods. For example, these prohibited goods include


  1. Illegal drugs and psychotropic substances
  2. Chemical products
  3. Firearms and ammunition (including explosives and fireworks)
  4. Gemstones
  5. Plants and animals.
  6. Telecommunications equipment


You can find the full list of prohibited goods on the Hong Kong Customs website - Prohibited goods in Hong Kong..


In addition to import restrictions, bear in mind that carriers also impose some restrictions on goods that are prohibited from being shipped - see our Prohibited Goods and Contents factsheet..


It is very important that you do not send these items as they may block your package or even destroy it if the carrier considers it necessary. You will be able to check at any time if there is a blockage in your parcel thanks to our real time tracking system.

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Who is in charge of clearing customs in Hong-Kong?

The transporters will be your intermediaries for the clearance of your shipment. If additional documents are required, you will be contacted by email to provide additional information/documents. It is therefore very important to fill in the contact information when placing your order - see our sheet: Our tips for a stress-free shipment..

Mon Courrier de France is the ideal solution for shipping your parcels and documents at the best price. Take advantage of the best possible service now. We are here for you!

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