How to pack your shipment?

Properly packing your parcel is an important step when organising an international shipment. The transporters in charge of your shipment may not accept the goods if not correctly packed. Therefore, it is important that your packaging meets the shipping standards of the selected transporter. A poorly packed parcel is subject to the risk of deterioration or even loss, and transporters prefer not to take responsibility for parcels considered as "risky". You will find below our advices on how to correctly pack your parcel.

To ensure that your shipment goes off without a hitch, we'll share with you some tips on how to prepare the packaging for your shipment.

1 - The quality of the packaging is essential!

To ensure the safety of your goods, it is advisable to use new packaging when preparing the parcel. The quality of the cardboard deteriorates over time and can lead to unfortunate losses.

2 - Fill in the gaps!

It is important that the goods inside your package are stabilised. In order to fill potential voids in your packaging, you can use suitable materials (polystyrene, bubble wrap, etc.).

3 - Do not overload your parcel!

An overloaded box can break. Make sure the weight is evenly distributed throughout the package. 

4 - Protect fragile items with care!

Wrap and protect fragile objects with quality materials such as bubble wrap.  

5 - Seal your parcel well!

Use wide, specially designed tape. The use of office tape is not recommended! 

6 - Remove all non-shipping labels from the packaging! 

If you are recycling a carton for a new shipment, it is advisable to remove any references or labels relating to a previous shipment. 

7 - Place the shipping documents in a plastic sleeve on top of the package! 

The documents needed for the shipment (shipping label, invoices, etc.) should be printed and placed in a transparent (and sealed) plastic sleeve on top of the package.

8 - Weigh your package and take the dimensions! 

It is very important to weigh and measure your package correctly. A wrongly estimated parcel may lead to financial penalties and/or may be refused by the carrier. 

Specific mentions:

Pack it, it's already shipped!

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