Return to France after an expatriation


Returning to France after an expatriation is a decision that must be carefully thought out. Indeed, when returning to the country, the French expatriate is often confronted with barriers that he no longer expected. At Mon Courrier de France, we support you in organizing your return to France by organizing your international move and advising you on customs procedures.

The return to France involves a major change. We will have to recreate a circle of friends and resume old French habits. Sometimes, some former expatriates returning to France feel like foreigners in their own country. As you have understood, returning to France can be a journey full of pitfalls. Take the time to prepare. The return to France after an expatriation must be planned several months in advance!

Thierry Cornic
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My son made me discover "mon courrier de france". First try, parcel arrived in 8 days in Taipei (including 4 days at the Taiwanese customs). With colissimo I had peaks ranging from 52 to 65 days with an average of 25 days over 3 years, not to mention a deplorable follow-up. Needless to say, I am very satisfied with this new service. A special mention for Mathias' reactivity.
Lisette Richard
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I am delighted to have known Mon courrier de France. I have just entrusted them with parcels for Japan. The delivery was made in 4 days. The tracking in real time is respected. The prices are very attractive. The people in charge are very friendly and always available. We feel that it is serious and square. I highly recommend this address.
Not Lily
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I only use Mon courrier de France, no more problems with the Post Office whose parcels take more than 4 weeks to arrive in Buenos Aires. With Mon courrier de France 4 days! With an ultra professional service and very reactive and kind people on line. Very competitive rates. Mon courrier de France = Absolutely top notch
EL messaoudi Aicha
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Serious and attentive staff. This is so rare these days. My removal boxes arrived in good condition and quickly.
Mary Heulin
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We used their services for our move from Vietnam to France. They were very reactive despite the time difference and the problems that can be encountered with the post office in Asia ... we sent our parcels in several stages and there were no problems. We received our parcels within 3-4 days. I recommend them with my eyes closed.
Severine Delfosse
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I recommend Mon courrier de France, thanks to them my sister who lives in Ecuador received her mail very quickly.
Audrey Delrieux
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Wonderful! Real people who respond VERY quickly to questions by email and also on the phone. I was able to send a huge parcel of Christmas presents to the USA which arrived in 4 days, at a very good price. Thank you for the service. I will use you again
William B.
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Great service! Package arrived in a few days in Taiwan from Paris. Mathieu is very accommodating, I had to change the pick-up time at home and it was done very quickly! I will be back for my future international shipments!
Matthias Guilbert
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Hats off to this quality service in the middle of the Christmas rush! The customer service is professional, available and efficient... And it's the best price on the market that I could find! I can't believe it! This company is a real nugget.
 Thank you my courrier de france.
Jeremy Gorszczyk
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Great service for sending parcels from the US to France! Mathieu was able to help us get our parcels to France at very competitive rates! We recommend him!

Change country, change career

If the French touch helped you abroad, your professional experiences abroad will not necessarily be valued in the same way when you return to France. You will sometimes have the impression that you have wasted your time and that your long years of expatriation bring you no value on the French labor market. It's wrong ! Highlight your experiences abroad whether in Asia or on the other side of the Atlantic. Don't leave your years as a French expatriate abroad as a gaping hole in your curriculum vitae. You know a language, another culture and other ways of working. Think of your return to France as a new expatriate life.

To accompany you in your return, we recommend our partner Travel, employment and return to France, the specialist agency for returning to France.

Moving internationally

Travel, employment and return to France

The secret of a successful return is to prepare for it several months in advance, it is also to choose a trusted carrier when shipping your personal effects as part of his move back to France.


As part of your return from expatriation, Travel, Employment and Return to France can accompany you in your decision to return to France, in your transition to action and also for your installation in France.


More concretely, you can be accompanied on several aspects :

– the realization of your plan to return to France (emotional preparation, administrative preparation, logistical preparation, taxation, retirement, housing, etc.)

– the continuation of your career in France (professional repositioning, job search tools, job search strategy, preparation for your job interviews to finalize your position in France)

– professional retraining.


Magali DESMIDT, the founder, has experienced this life transition 3 times and is therefore well aware of the issues you encounter. Moreover, it offers you the possibility of meet her for free during a first appointment in order to get to know each other and to explain to you concretely how it can help you.

You can without delay download the return to France and job search booklet free of charge available on the site.


With Travel, employment & return to France, your return is lived in confidence and with joy!

Travel, employment and return to France

What are the steps to take in my country of expatriation for my return move?

Mon Courrier de France will ask you to draw up an inventory of the goods transported for your return move to France.

You must contact the nearest French consulate to obtain your change of residence certificate if you are moving from a country outside the European Union area..


If you are moving from a member country of the European Union, you do not have to carry out any customs procedures.


If you come from a country outside the European Union

You can claim to be exempt from customs duties and taxes for the import of your personal effects. However, these conditions must be met:

  • You have resided and been registered in the consular registers for more than one year.
  • You have had your personal effects for more than six months.