Do I have to pay customs duties?


Do I have to pay customs duties?

Do I have to pay customs duties?

In the context of international shipments of small parcels or large parcels to France and Europe, as well as from France and Europe to the rest of the world, a recurring question arises: does the recipient have to s to pay customs duties? It should be noted that when a package is sent to France for express delivery, it is an import that is subject to customs regulations. Carriers such as DHL, FedEx or UPS are required to comply with the customs regulations of the countries of destination and origin.

I want to send a gift, do I have to pay customs duties?

This in no way exempts the recipient from any payment of customs duties on arrival, as well as VAT. It is important to note that the term "gift" refers to the sending of goods from one individual to another without the intention of selling. Consequently, only gifts with a value of less than 45 euros are exempt from customs duties and VAT. However, for shipments with a value greater than 45 euros, it should be noted that French customs will apply duties and taxes.

I am sending personal effects, do I have to pay customs duties?

If your used personal effects are more than 6 months old and are not intended for resale, then you may benefit from an exemption from customs duties and taxes. Be sure to choose the category “personal effects” lwhen organizing your expedition on the platform. Download, complete and sign the sworn statement of personal effects that we will provide to you. Finally, print this sworn statement and attach it to the declaration of contents which you will place in a plastic sleeve attached to the package.

From what threshold do I have to pay customs duties?

You do not have customs duties and VAT to pay up to 45 euros of value.

The change from 1 July 2021 concerns only commercial shipments, which are now taxed from the first euro (previously there was a €22 exemption)

Are customs duties included in your shipping prices?

No, the amount of any customs duties will depend on the nature of the goods transported and their customs value.

What is the difference between customs duties and customs fees?

THE tariffs are levied by customs when goods enter the territory. Note that the customs fees correspond to the fees charged by the carrier for customs clearance of the shipment.

The value of my shipment to France is greater than 45 euros

In this case, you must pay customs duties and taxes:

Customs duties generally vary between 0 % and 20% and are calculated on the REAL value of the item + shipping costs + insurance.

Each product type is identified by a 10-digit code (TARIC code) which defines the rate of duty.

→ VAT (20% or exceptionally 5.5%), or Value Added Tax is calculated on the ACTUAL value of the item + shipping costs + insurance + customs duties.

→ Customs fees (usually between €10 and €25) are the portion charged by the transporter to collect customs duties and VAT from the consignee (and then pay them back to the state).


All shipments between individuals are zero-rated if the value of the goods does not exceed a value of 45 euros. Customs duties generally vary between 0 % and 20% and are calculated on the REAL value of the item + shipping costs + insurance.

Each product type is identified by a 10-digit code (TARIC code) which defines the rate of duty.


→ Customs duty= (actual value of the item + transport costs + insurance) x duty rate.

→ VAT = (actual value of the item + shipping costs + insurance + customs duties) x VAT percentage.

→ Processing fee = 10 to 25 euros depending on the carrier.

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